Who ARE The Connor’s Runners?

The Connor’s Runners are a proud group of committed, supportive, and passionate runners who aspire toward improvements in their own abilities, weaknesses and race performance results.

Their coach, Dr. Stephen Connor is a multi-time Ironman triathlete and marathon runner who is passionate about utilizing current trends in fitness and training techniques to maximize the abilities of the runners he has the opportunity to coach.




The Connor’s Runners meet for group runs on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings, with a complete schedule provided for each target race that includes instruction for additional runs throughout the week.


Three Amigos


Leading the Pack

Mauro and Lisa, still going strong!





Long Hills on Long Runs. Awesome

Connor’s Runners are known to work hard, race hard, and support each other as they work as a team in a sport that is measured individually.

The Jar of Awesomeness is a symbol of the teamwork involved in reaching our race day goals. Each season, the Connor’s Runners choose a local charity to support, and donate small or large amounts of funds into the Jar to celebrate any MOMENTS of awesomeness that they experience during that season.  This often includes Personal Best Times, or Boston Qualifying Times, NYC Qualifying Times but it even includes celebrating the fact that the Runners waited in the rain for ALL of the Connor’s Runners to finish running hill repeats!  Now that is BEing AWESOME!

If we could only get Danny to stop smoking!

The Satisfaction of the END of a Hill workout

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