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The upcoming Programs will feature  SPRING 2020 Full Marathon and Experienced Half Marathon Training Programs. These programs will be challenging, motivating, and will deliver the results that you are looking for.  If your goal is to run faster, stronger and longer, then this select program is right for you.

Each Target race will have it’s own downloadable training schedule which will outline weekly run distances and workout types. Long runs are on Sunday mornings at 7 am, while mid-week group runs are either early am on Tuesdays and Thursdays or at 7 pm on both of those nights as well.

Our Group training will begin on Thursday December 12th. Location will be announced to all registered Runners. The season will continue until May 31st, 2020.

The program is only offered twice per year, and will include emails/lectures on training strategies, running techniques, sports nutrition and injury prevention as well as a structured and challenging running program that has been designed to motivate and support runners on their journey toward achieving their own defined success in their running goals. We bring in guest speakers to augment the delivery of our program including Olympic Athletes, Olympic Coaches, Professionals who work with athletes in mental performance training, nutrition and injury care and prevention.

Online Registration for the SPRING 2020 RACE programs is NOW Wait-listing.  This program sells out each season, but we always take runners from our wait list, so complete the form and join us!

Email Dr. Steve directly at sconnor@connorchiropractic.com if you have any questions related to this program.

Our Goal is to help make runners better, therefore we need to limit our number of runners in each season in order to provide the quality coaching that the Connor’s Runners have come to expect.  em>


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