About Our Running Programs

Nicole and Maria – Cruising out there!

The upcoming Programs will feature  FALL 2021 Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Trail Ultra Marathon Training Programs. These programs will be challenging, motivating, and will deliver the results that you are looking for.  If your goal is to run faster, stronger and longer, then this select program is right for you.

In this new era, we are all searching for the ‘new normal’. For Endurance running training, the new normal involves social distancing, some virtual training, downloadable training schedules, and online check-ins to see how you’re doing. Group runs CAN happen safely, as long as we respect each other and our community.

We will provide a training schedule for any race or virtual race that you choose to participate in, as well as the following Special Events exclusively for Connor’s Runners: Two September 10K+ Half Marathons, October Half + Full Marathons,  October Trail Races (25K + 50K)  and November 10K + Half + Full Marathons. Of course these are subject to change as (fingers crossed) RACES come back! At all times we will observe and respect any and all social distancing guidelines enforced at the community level.

Training schedules will outline weekly run distances and workout types.  Small groupings will meet for mid-week runs as well as Sunday long runs.

Our Group training will begin on Sunday June 27th, and will continue until Sunday November 7th, 2021.


Email Dr. Steve directly at [email protected] if you have any questions related to this program.

2021 Has been filled with lots of Running Selfies…

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