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Helping runners reach the finish line since 2003

Whether you are looking for your first run group, or your next run group; look no further than the Connor’s Runners. This Group started in 2003 as a grassroots marathon training playground for those looking to get faster, run longer, earn PB’s & BQ’s and have a whole lot of fun while slogging miles together as a ‘team’.

The running scene in Greater Halton (Oakville, Burlington & Milton) is booming, and it continues to foster the growth of the group known as the Connor’s Runners . With our extensive trail systems, the views of Lake Ontario, our fabulous country roads, and our proximity to the escarpment, we can make training for races both beautiful and technical within our own community; and we do just that. You will see our runners proudly sporting their Orange team colours throughout Halton and at finish lines all over the world.

Oakville’s Premiere Running Group

Just who will get you to that Finish Line?
Meet our Connor’s Runners coaches:

Connor’s Runners Endurance Running Programs: 21K, 30K, 42K, 50K up to 100 Miles.

Dr. Stephen Connor – is an Oakville based Sports Chiropractor with a passion for helping athletes to continue within their chosen sport. With 6 Ironman Triathlons and more than 30 Marathons under his belt, Dr. Steve has some experience to share with his runners, and most of that happens on the roads. This group took shape in 2003, and has been running strong for 20 years.

Connor’s Runners Short Distance Running Programs: 5K or 10K

Dr. Kate Irwin is a long time endurance athlete who loves helping runners reach their full potential. Dr. Kate applies her experience as a Chiropractor, Ironman triathlete and distance runner to all of the athletes she coaches. Her main focus is getting runners to run further or faster and help them work towards their individual goals.

Connor's Runners Coach Steve endurance run group
Connor's Runners Coach Kate short distance run group

Our coaches are always here to help train you to be the best runner that you can be. Also, let’s not forget the power of being on a Team in this solo sport. All of our runners have shared advice, learned from other’s mistakes, pushed and/or pulled another runner, and gained speed, power and confidence from training with this group. What are you waiting for?

Join us!

Endurance Programs

(Half Marathon and Longer):

There are two training seasons per year. The first season is designed to get runners ready for Spring Races (March-June).  The second season will target preparation for the Fall Races (September-November).

Our Endurance Program Runners meet at varied locations in order to take advantage of local terrain, to traverse interesting routes, and to avoid inclement weather. Long runs are Sunday mornings, while mid-week speed and hill workouts happen in smaller groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Short Distance Program

(5km and 10km distances):

Our shorter distance run programs are 12 week block sessions which typically start in Late-September and Late-January. The 5k and 10k athletes meet in different locations every week, but all within the Oakville borders. Our long runs are Saturday mornings and our mid-week workouts are held on Wednesdays. 

Mid week you can expect different workouts such as track workouts, hill repeats, speed work and more.

What to expect from your Connor’s Runners coaches:

When you join Connor’s Runners you will receive schedules that are built for your race distance and specifically for your race, and this includes free modifications to your schedule when life gets in the way of your plans. You can expect regular emails outlining the routes, meet up locations and tips about your workouts. We provide guest speakers on essential topics intermittently throughout the program, these are essential opportunities to learn and grow as runners. You will also receive our ongoing encouragement and support with direct feedback on techniques, pacing, and of course – ways to avoid injuries during your training season.

Join the TEAM of Connor’s Runners.

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