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This group was started in 2003 by Dr. Stephen Connor, an Oakville Chiropractor, Marathoner and Ironman triathlete. Joined in 2020 by Dr. Kate Irwin – Chiropractor, Personal Trainer and Ironman triathlete, this group has expanded in size and group training offerings.

To complement our race specific programs for events including 5K, 10K, 21.1K, 30K, 42.2K, 50K + Ultras and even Triathlon run programs, we offer group workouts, run support and coaching along the way.

Using our skills as Sports Chiropractors, we are also adept at helping you to stay injury free.

Connors Runners
2021 Track Run

We have broken our training programs into 2 seasons: Spring and Fall and we specialize in taking your running to new heights for the culminating events in each of these seasons.

If you are looking to get faster, stronger, run longer or to train hard with a smile, then this is the right group for you. We have runners of all ages and abilities, all of whom run with an Attitude of Gratitude to be able to continue to enjoy and excel at a sport that we all love.

We invite you to explore more details about our programs in the next few pages, and we look forward to running with you soon.

Dr. Steve                                                                                     Dr. Kate

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