Connor’s Runners next 5k and 10k run group starts

April 13th until June 15th! This clinic we will also be training for Moon in June (June 1st) if you would like to register and train for a race!

Connor’s Runners 5k and 10k group offers a limited size run group that is built to help you reach your running goals.

Join us for weekly workouts and increasing distances each week. There are two distances including either 5km or 10km. Individuals can work towards increasing their distance up to 5km or 10km OR work on speeding up their 5km or 10km runs.  The clinic is $120 per person. 

The group meets Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 7:30am every week for 10 weeksOur meeting locations varies each week depending on what run is on the schedule. In addition to group runs, there is an additional independent run on Mondays/Tuesdays.  

Connor’s Runners Subgroups to choose from:

  • Ramp up your distance to 5KM : Those joining this group must be able to cover 2.5km although you don’t have to be able to run the 2.5km straight without walking.
  • Ramp up your distance to 10KM: Those joining this group ideally can cover 5km although you don’t have to be able to run 5km straight without walking.
  • Speed up your 5K: For those already running 5km looking to get faster. 
  • Speed up your 10K: For those already running 10km (or close to it) looking to get faster. 
  • 15KM Around the Bay Prep: Increase your distance to 15km by the end of March for ATB. 

Please note that: Ramp up programs are best for those new to running or not yet running 5KM or 10KM who want to work up to those distances. Speed up programs are best for those that are looking to improve their speed and get a faster time for their 5KM or 10KM runs and are already running close to those distances.

It is suggested that you join whichever group you believe best suits your needs. You can switch between groups at any point during the training program if the one you have selected is not meeting your needs! 

Please be sure to specify which distance and focus you plan to work on during the clinic. If you do change your mind, update Coach Kate so she can keep you working towards your goals!

We also offer Half, Full, 30k or Ultra Marathon distance training. Check out our distance run group.

To learn more about Dr. Kate and her coaching check out the Meet Our Coaches page.  

Looking forward to a great season of training with you!

Dr. Kate 

To register for this run group, please complete the form below: 

  • In order to get to know you better please answer the questions below. This will help us deliver the program in the way that best helps all of you!

    Ramp up programs are for those not yet running 5KM or 10KM non-stop, Speed up programs are for those already running 5KM or 10KM who are looking to improve their speed! Note that you can change programs at any time during the session if you feel like the challenge is too much or too little.
  • Waiver and Consent

  • This running program is designed to assist you to achieve higher goals in running. When followed appropriately, this program will improve your speed, endurance and mental approach to running, thereby enhancing your race experience. Every effort should be made to follow the program as closely as possible to ensure maximum benefit and to minimize your risk of injury. Injuries have become a reliably unpredictable part of endurance training, and modifications can and will be made to schedules of runners who develop and/or are recovering from running related injuries. Your safety is our primary concern; every effort will be made to supply safe running routes, and expert guest speakers providing reliable information. During training sessions it is expected that you will obey traffic laws, arrive rested, alert and prepared to any and all runs. You are also required to bring appropriate nutrition and hydration aids for each session. By signing this document, you hereby release Katie E. Irwin and the Connor Chiropractic & Wellness Centre of any liability for any and all injury and loss, including personal and property loss, arising from any cause whatsoever including negligence. I acknowledge having read this release and I understand and accept its terms.