Registration Info: Spring 2021 10K/Half/Full/Ultra Marathon

The Registration for the Spring 2021  10k/Half  Marathon/ Marathon and Trail Ultra  is  now  live.

The upcoming Programs will feature  SPRING 2021 Half Marathon, 30K, Full Marathon and Trail Ultra Marathon Training Programs. These programs will be challenging, motivating, and will deliver the results that you are looking for.  If your goal is to run faster, stronger and longer, then this select program is right for you.

In this new era, we are all searching for the ‘new normal’. For Endurance running training, the new normal involves social distancing, some virtual training, online lectures, downloadable training schedules, and online check-ins to see how you’re doing. Group runs CAN happen safely, as long as we respect each other and our community.

We will provide a training schedule for any race or virtual race that you choose to participate in, as well as the following Special Events exclusively for Connor’s Runners: Two Spring Half Marathons,  One 30K Race, One Spring Full Marathon, One Trail Race  with multiple distances being offered, the 2021 Vertical Weekend Challenge. At all times we will observe and respect any and all social distancing guidelines enforced at the community level.

Training schedules will outline weekly run distances and workout types.  Small groupings will meet for mid-week runs as well as Sunday long runs.

Our Group training will begin on Sunday December 27th, and will continue until Sunday May 23rd, 2021.

To register, please complete the form below:

Connor's Runners SPRING 2021 RACE Form

Complete this form to enroll in the Connor's Runners Program. PLEASE remember to use the email address that you will check most often, and remit payment early to secure your spot.
  • In order to better understand your needs as a runner, please indicate how many races of the following distances you have completed in the recent past:

  • This list includes races that are still pending, therefore general schedules will be followed until these race dates are firm.
  • This running program is designed to assist you to achieve higher goals in running. When followed appropriately, this program will improve your speed, endurance and mental approach to running, thereby enhancing your race experience. Every effort should be made to follow the program as closely as possible to ensure maximum benefit and to minimize your risk of injury. Injuries have become a reliably unpredictable part of endurance training, and modifications can and will be made to schedules of runners who develop and/or are recovering from running related injuries. Your safety is our primary concern; every effort will be made to supply safe running routes, and expert guest speakers providing reliable information. During training sessions it is expected that you will obey traffic laws, arrive rested, alert and prepared to any and all runs. You are also required to bring appropriate nutrition and hydration aids for each session. By signing this document, you hereby release Dr. Stephen P. Connor and the Connor Chiropractic & Wellness Centre of any liability for any and all injury and loss, including personal and property loss, arising from any cause whatsoever including negligence. I acknowledge having read this release and I understand and accept its terms.


Looking forward to a great season of training with you!

Dr. Steve