Dr. Stephen Connor

Dr. Steve has been coaching runners and triathletes in the Oakville area since 2003. He brings with him his experience as a varsity swimmer, an Ironman triathlete and a Marathon runner, and combines this with his NCCP coaching certification to coach the Endurance Running Program with Connor’s Runners.

Having run marathons all over the world, Dr. Steve specializes in taking athletes to the next level in their Half, Full and Ultra Marathon goals. Coaching is one of his passions, and he strives to become better at it as much as his runners strive to become better runners. Dr. Steve uses his knowledge as a Sports Chiropractor at Connor Chiropractic and Wellness Centre to enhance his training programs and keep runners from experiencing injuries along the way.

When Dr. Steve is not running, cycling or coaching, you will find him enjoying life with his wife, Tara, and their 4 daughters.

Dr. Kate Irwin

Dr. Kate has been involved the world of sport from a young age. It is this passion for sport and coaching that has drawn her to Run Coaching. She calls upon her experience as a competitive swimmer, Ironman Triathlete and runner to help other runners reach their goals, both big and small. 

Dr. Kate’s passion is helping local runners enjoy the sport of running as much as she does! Her group has a focus on 5km and 10km distances and she develops her programs using the most up to date research on run development. In addition, she draws on her experience as a Chiropractor at Connor Chiropractic and Wellness Centre to decrease the risk of injury during training.

Dr. Kate’s run clinics are great for individuals who enjoy a group running experience. Whether you are new to running or loooking to get back into it, Dr. Kate fosters a supportive group dynamic that will push you to achieve your goals. Above all, she empowers runners to focus on their speed or distance within the shorter distances of 5km and 10km races.