About Our ENDURANCE Program (21.1, 42.2, 50K up to 100M)

The Connor’s Runners Endurance Running Program (Half Marathon distance and longer) has been providing a pathway for runners to achieve Awesome Race results since 2003. 20 Years STRONG!

The Connor’s Runners Endurance Running Program utilizes innovative periodization strategies mixed with current training philosophies  to develop race specific programs. These programs help athletes to become stronger, faster and more confident runners. These benefits are enhanced by the group dynamic – where runners train together and make each other stronger.

Our Endurance Program runners are given full season long training schedules. These are specific to their target race, and personally designed by Dr. Steve. During each season, opportunities are taken to improve training as well as coaching techniques in an effort to enhance the runner’s race day experience. Training schedules layout weekly run distances, workout types and even specific routes to be done to maximize the realized gains for each runner. 

Smaller, similar-paced groups of runners will meet for mid-week runs; while the larger group of runners will meet for long runs on Sunday mornings. Sunday morning runs are at varied locations determined by the topography that is needed for your race day success. This can include longer up hill, downhill, flat or rolling terrain. In addition, speakers are periodically brought in to augment this program.

Group training continues all year, although there is a focus on the Spring & Fall Marathon seasons in particular.
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About Our 5K and 10K Program

The Connor’s Runners 5K and 10K Program was born out of a need in the Oakville Community for a shorter distance run club. This program follows current trends in running to provide you with a structured running program. Run programs include workouts such as hills, track and long runs to help runners reach their goals.

Our group meets throughout the week in Oakville on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. An additional individual run is scheduled for Tuesdays. Our group run locations vary based on the required terrain and goal of each run. This is especially important for long runs to help prevent boredom with the routes and scenery.

Each week our runners receive an email with targets for their runs, information on the types of runs and what they should be focusing on. Our 5km and 10km run group is meant for both new and seasoned runners! Prior to joining, you runners should be able to cover 2.5km through a combination of running and walking.

Dr. Kate coaches the runners with a goal oriented approach, with each individual having their own goals for the clinic. In addition to a target race, this could also include a target pace, a specific distance or simply consistency in the runs!

This clinic runs three times a year in the fall, winter and spring, pausing for the summer months of July and August.

Still have questions? Please Email Dr. Kate directly at [email protected]

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